One World, Many Stories

One World, Many Stories’‘ is an Erasmus+ Youth exchange involving 42 young people from 7 countries: Cyprus, Netherland, Turkey, Lithuania, Hungary, Greece and Poland, aged 18-26.

The theme of the project is to counteract discrimination and teach respect to allSocial exclusion, marginalization in society, manifestations of xenophobia and racism can affect each of us in our closest environment. 

In today’s very diverse world, it is very easy to come across social exclusion or hate and prejudice phenomena that arise, among others, from the fact of having origins in another country / environment, another skin color, culture, religion, other way of thinking or, for example, economic status. In today’s world there is an increasing migration of people, growing influence of mass media, which is why young people should shape their own opinion based on work and exchange of experiences with peers from another countries. One should also not forget about our local communities where the phenomena of exclusion, marginalization and hatred are not something uncommon. We want to give young people a sense that one should not be afraid to fight differences. It is worth noting that the topic is common for all partner organizations that have various interesting experiences related to this topic and that is why we want to share knowledge and experience. The project is a result of the continuation of the partnership.

Project took place at lovely village Poronin on 18-25 of August 2019.

During the 8 days of activities, the principles of non formal education will be applied during workshops, activities and discussions and thus the youth will have opportunity to cooperate in an international environment, acquire knowledge, develop civic attitudes and overcome bad stereotypes as well as present the culture and traditions of their countries. We want the participants to become more understanding, sensitive and restrained in issuing opinions. 

We want to build an attitude of tolerance and openness to various cultures, denominations and differences. 

First of all, we want to reach out to young Europeans with the message that one should not be afraid and fight differences, but try to consciously understand and tolerate it. Young people through creative activities during the project will be made aware that the other does not mean worse. We want to change the approach to cultural differences, social integration and, above all, support for excluded youth, which is so often flooded with a wave of hate.

Cooperating with peers from other countries, we will gain knowledge, exchange experiences, create a well- coordinated international team that will break down barriers and misleading stereotypes. Participants will understand how important it is to respect the dignity of others, their beliefs and religions, diversity that may not be as distant as it seems. We want young people and people working with youth to be able to obtain the competences necessary to deal with diversity and to conduct activities with respect for it. 

The main result of our activities are participants ‘Listen. Understand. Respect‘ video clip, which will promote tolerance, cultural diversity and counteract social exclusion, made from the participation of the local community. And also the participants themselves, who by their attitude will inspire others.

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