We all need an ID: International Discovery

This youth exchange will took place in Bucharest, Romania from 21 to 27 July 2017. It was hosted by Youth for Europe (Romania) out partner organisation. The project brought together 25 participants from three organisations which are registered in Switzerland, Netherlands and Romania.

This project is the last out of 3 youth exchanges implemented by the partners. In the first two phases, by working together, the youngsters got to know each other, discovered their similarities and their differences. The project was designed on the principles of non-formal education (teamwork, intercultural evenings, improvised meeting of the local community, etc.).

The main objective of the current project is to continue discovering on the intercultural competences.

The project is implemented in the frames of the “Erasmus+” programme of the European Commission and was financially supported by the Swiss National Agency.

So after months of planning. The ID Ambassadors are ready make this exchange into reality. Read what they came up with and pass the news on.

In 2015 ID first became an reality. “ID” was an abbreviation for Intercultural Debate. A youth exchange that took place in Switzerland. This event gathered youngsters from Switzerland, The Netherlands and Romania to represent their country during a few days to debates some main European issues concerning youngsters. 

The following year 2016, we came back together in a furthered develop concept of ID called Intercultural Dialogue. The aim was for the youngster to experience the Rotterdam’s way of promoting social inclusion and to reflect on best practises of there own cities. Participants attended a variety of presentations and workshops, NGO’s and more in order to learn more about the topic but also to plan what they can do to make others more aware of this topic. This exchange took place in the Netherlands and produced ID ambassadors. It was there responsibility to plan ID 2017.

The ambassadors have been hard at work and with the preparatory work of previous ID exchanges are ready for ID 2017.

The ambassadors would like all Europeans to discover the world of social and community participation. Thus the name of ID 2017  is “Intercultural Discover”. This exchange will take place in Bucharest, Romania from 21 – 27 of July 2017.

Participants will discover organization in Romania that can contribute to increasing social participation by making partnerships. Besides that, they will search for ways in order to discover what the locals/ international citizen in Romania are doing to increase their social participation. All of this while attending, promoting and organising events, presentations and workshops.

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