Cut the Ice

Youth exchange titled “Cut the Ice” was a multilateral project within Erasmus+ programme. The project took place in Murzasichle, Poland in October 2016. There were 40 participants, between the ages of 18- to 25-year-olds from the following countries: Holland, Lithuania, Hungary, Slovakia and Poland.

The purpose of our project was to spread tolerance, social equity and consciousness of the racial and religious diversity.

Young people, through creative activities, will were encouraged to realise that “different” does not mean “worse”. By using methods of informal teaching (games, discussion, workshop) we wanted to ensure that the knowledge gained during the project results in lasting tolerance towards other people.

We believe that people need to understand that the racist and xenophobic thought aren’t always conscious processes and didn’t grow out thin air. Our project allows youngsters to achieve this goal.

Cut the Ice

We presume that realization of the project will not only influence the attitude of the youth towards others but will also allow them to use this cooperation in the international scene. Through the acquired skills, knowledge and new contacts, the young will become more tolerant, kind and responsible for their actions.

They will gain experience in working in a multinational environment, acquire new competence (languages, among others), and the acquired interpersonal skills will make it easier for them to find themselves in the international environment.

The youngster wil produce their own online campaign on this issue, expressing their own views.

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